Not knowing your roof's age when buying a home can cost you big bucks!

Roof age has become an extremely important thing to consider when purchasing a new home, especially in Texas where thunderstorms can cause considerable wind and hail damage every year.

Things to be aware of when you’re looking to buy a new home:

Insuring a home with an older roof can dramatically affect the rate you receive on your home insurance premium. Insurance carriers give larger discounts for newer roofs, generally less than ten years old.

A home with an older roof can limit your options when choosing an insurance company to protect one of your most valuable assets. Some carriers will not even consider insuring a home with a roof older than 20 years.

It’s true that there are times when we discover that an older roof is in great shape. Even if the roof looks great, it’s the age that determines coverage. Many companies these days are insuring roofs older than 15 years at actual cash value and not replacement cost.  This is a big difference in claims dollars paid after a loss. Don't set yourself up for a bad surprise.

Lastly, make sure the sellers disclosure states the age of the roof. Having it in writing is important.